By AeroDefense
on December 16, 2021
Radio Frequency (RF) based drone detection systems emerged as the leading technology for organizations to identify and respond to drone threats because RF is the only type that can detect both drone ...
“Citywide Drone Defense with a Few Sensors'' is gaining popularity. It sounds great doesn’t it? There’s more than meets the eye here. Let’s dive into what we mean.
Scott Frigaard, Convergint
By Scott Frigaard, Convergint
on September 08, 2021
Security Operations Centers (SOC) must become more intelligent, more proactive and more collaborative in response to the growing volume and types of threats. SOCs can no longer be reactive, ...
By AeroDefense
on August 12, 2020
And the hits just keep on comin’ in 2020 don’t they? Last Tuesday, August 4th, an MLB game between the Twins and Pirates at Target Field was delayed. The culprit? An unauthorized drone spotted over ...
Cyber attacks are almost never as straightforward as implied by television and movies. Hackers typically don’t just wake up, sit at their computers, and infiltrate a system or bring it down. For ...